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Recovery plays a huge part in a maximum performance training. It’s a space that’s growing faster than the fitness market and demand is hot for these services.

Lifting the body’s core temperature for short bursts in regular sauna sessions has both health and performance benefits (and yes, it’s all been scientifically proven).

Not your Classic sauna

Unlike its Finnish forefather, SwetSauna delivers a more direct and intense heat through infrared light. Using a mix of ceramic and carbon infrared panels instead of steam, the user experience (and surrounding air) doesn’t feel uncomfortably hot.

By increasing core body temps by up to three degrees, it fires-up neuromuscular conditioning and unlocks the healing and detox perks of working up a healthy sweat.

The SwetSession mobile app and smart lock touchless entry presents all of this in an efficient, healthy and contact-free user expererience.

Photograph of light wood and glass stand alone sauna with SwetSauna logo

get a sweat on

When integrated into a workout, heat acclimation can increase endurance, encourage muscle growth and make the body better at dealing with heightened cardiovascular strain.

The high intensity also increases red blood cells for fast body recovery, and releases heat shock proteins, which are linked to life longevity and immunity.

Essentially, for those on a strict exercise and training regime, this type of heat conditioning will ease sore muscles and optimise the body for future activity. And the goodness doesn’t stop there.

When used as a stand-alone remedial activity, a SwetSauna session kicks a whole host of health and wellness goals, along with an impressive array of physical, leisure and neurological benefits.

What the heck does infrared light do?

While naked to the human eye, infrared light is all around and can be felt as heat (like the warmth from the sun).
Near, Mid and Far-infrared lightwaves dish out countless health benefits, which are intensified in a SwetSauna session.


The shorter frequency range targets the outer layer of the skin to kick-start rejuvenation, healing, and health.

  • Boost cell health and immunity
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Initiate skin purification
  • Relieve pain


Passing deeper into the body, mid-length waves are great for circulation and the cardiovascular system.

  • Provide pain relief
  • Improve circulation
  • Awaken weight loss 
  • Stimulate passive cardiovascular workout

Far- Infrared

Igniting a deep, detoxifying sweat, far-length waves reach a cellular level, allowing muscles to recover faster.

  • Activate muscle recovery
  • Trigger relaxation
  • Ignite weight loss
  • Reduce blood pressure 
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This high-tech set-up can be integrated into any office, hotel, sports club, or business interested in sports recovery services. Our expert team work with you to create a tailored solution that boosts the benefits for your business and your clients.

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