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A hot new element at leading gyms, Solace Sessions gives your members an array of health benefits and is the missing piece in a comprehensive wellness and workout program.

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Want to increase your gym’s financial gains while providing a better experience for members? This solution ticks all the boxes.

Heat Recovery Solution

Using Far infrared carbon panels, a Solace Sauna session activates heat shock proteins inside your body. This puts the body into ‘Fight Mode’, increasing the rate of detoxification and cardiovascular performance. Direct and intense heat boosts red blood cell count and primes muscle recovery to support endurance training.

Remote booking
and management

The integrated Solace Sessions booking app seamlessly handles end-to-end sauna usage and backend management. Members can book, pay and access the sauna easily through their smartphones, while in the backend, gym admins see financial revenue and have full control of sauna operation in one easy place.


Automated accessibility

Our digital smart lock can be fitted to any desired room within your fitness studio. When someone books the space, they’re sent a digital code, which provides timed access to the room or Solace Sauna. Gym admin can control this functionality.

backend management

An integrated backend system comes as part and parcel of SwetSauna installation. It looks after all the nitty-gritty financial and operational stuff in one easy place.

  • Turn booking availability on and off to suit your operating times
  • Oversee reservations and usage
  • Monitor the financial data and profit acquired

Within the app platform, businesses can offer membership deals and manage casual sessions.The platform can also be used as a marketing tool, with the option to push out targeted advertising and other promotional offers to users.

Installation, onboarding and maintenance

Getting started is easy! 

We’ll visit your gym or residence to identify the best location and sauna design for you. We’ll then set up the digital smart lock, Solace Sessions app system and manage the onboarding process upon installation. 

Solace Sauna Pty Ltd will take care of the maintenance for your sauna and digital smart lock for two years and support any ongoing servicing. If you ever need the sauna moved or relocated to a new studio location, our team can help with that too!

our pricing model

Your sauna will generate revenue with every use...and that’s on top of any membership fees.

When you install a Solace Sauna into your gym, you’ll also get:

  • Sauna set-up and installation
  • Supply of promotional posters 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Full warranty, including servicing and parts included for the full duration of the subscription

Prefer to purchase a sauna outright for your home or studio? Head to our Buy page for all the info or contact us.

SAUNA Leasing agreement:

Our Leasing Agreement with Solace Sauna provides a flexible way for businesses to offer their members access to high-quality sauna sessions without the large cost outlay. With this agreement, businesses can pay a monthly fee for the use of the sauna, monitise the Sauna anyway they prefer to offer this to their members. Set your own Sauna session pricing, include it in membership pricing and install in any desired space.


Our Subscription Agreement incorporating The Solace Sessions booking App offers a hassle-free way for businesses to provide their members with unlimited access to sauna sessions. Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling and managing sauna reservations - our Subscription Agreement with Solace Sessions makes it easy.

Fire up your financials

When adding a new piece of equipment to your gym, it must give you a strong return on investment. Solace Sauna generates income from the very first use. Minimal ongoing monthly fees are designed to maximise your earnings from each paid session. Following our payment model, Solace Sauna will quickly pay for itself, with minimal staff intervention needed for day to day operation.

Recommended sauna fees:
$30 for 30-minute session
$55 for 60-minute session

Daily Session (30min) Daily Revenue Weekly Revenue Monthly Revenue
2 $60 $420 $1,820
4 $120 $840 $3,640
6 $180 $1,260 $5,250
8 $240 $1,680 $7,280
10 $300 $2,100 $9,100

* based on recommended sauna fees

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Stand out from your competitors by installing a sauna (and Solace Sessions app) in any home or business interested in sports recovery services. 

We have options to suit any space, so call 0499 843 032, email Andrew at info@solacesaunas.com, or fill out the form for more info or a free location assessment.

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