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No ordinary smartphone app, Solace Sessions is an end-to-end management solution that removes the legwork from sauna operations.

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How it works

Our Solace Sessions Booking App share will be completely automated by our smart booking app and can be added to any Lease or purchase.

Solace Sauna simply installs your new Sauna inside your specified room at your Gym, we Install a smart lock on the Sauna room and your members simply download the Solace Sessions App, set their Gym to their profile and just book, pay and access the Sauna room all via their smartphones.

Complete backend management system

Behind the scenes, gym admins can monitor sauna usage and ROI with a complete backend management system. Solace Sessions’ automated process provides up-to-the-minute financial and customer data. Admins can schedule maintenance, block out session times and gather data on user experiences with the click of a button. 

The platform can also be used as a membership retention and marketing tool, with the option to push out targeted advertising and other promotional offers to users.

Contact-free user experience

Aided by the digital smart lock, the sauna user experience is completely contactless, enhancing user comfort and hygiene. As no manual assistance is required to run the sauna, staff can focus on other day-to-day operations and member support.

Use with existing amenities

Once the Solace Sessions app has been set up in your gym, this digital system can also be used to manage your existing amenities. Onboarding any current processes to the app will save you time and modernise your outdated manual processes.

Fire up your financials

When adding a new piece of equipment to your gym, it must give you a strong return on investment. Solace Sauna generates income from the very first use. Minimal ongoing monthly fees are designed to maximise your earnings from each paid session. Following our payment model, Solace Sauna will quickly pay for itself, with minimal staff intervention needed for day to day operation.

Recommended sauna fees:
$30 for 30-minute session
$55 for 60-minute session

Daily Session (30min) Daily Revenue Weekly Revenue Monthly Revenue
2 $60 $420 $1,820
4 $120 $840 $3,640
6 $180 $1,260 $5,250
8 $240 $1,680 $7,280
10 $300 $2,100 $9,100

* based on recommended sauna fees

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Stand out from your competitors by installing a sauna (and Solace Sessions app) in any home or business interested in sports recovery services. 

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