Heat up your member experience

An infrared sauna elevates your offering by adding a recovery dimension to your members’ health and exercise regimes.

a point of difference

When it comes to member satisfaction in the highly competitive health and fitness market, businesses need to be better than good. They need to be exceptional.

Rave-worthy customer experiences can be the make-or-break in renewing memberships, attracting new clients, and building brand credibility.

When you incorporate a SwetSauna, you’ll be introducing a tranquil space where members can relax and train the mind, while also offering the integrated recovery solution they’re looking for. 

By maximising their experience, it will put your business in a great position to improve member retention.

Generally, when new services are added into the mix, it requires more staff and management costs. That’s not the case with SwetSauna.

Its digital booking app and automated access system make the sauna completely contactless. Without the need for hands-on support, there’s more time to create those magical moments that have customers coming back time and again.

Be the first in your area to offer this exceptional piece of recovery tech and dominate your local market.

backend management

An integrated backend system comes as part and parcel of SwetSauna installation. The business-facing side of the SwetSessions app manages financial and operational stuff in one easy digital platform.

  • Turn booking availability on and off to suit your operating times
  • Oversee reservations and usage
  • Monitor the financial data and profit acquired

Use the app to manage casual sessions or as a marketing tool, with the option to push out targeted membership deals, advertising, and other promotional offers to users.

Two phone screens showing examples of the Swetsauna booking app

Making financial gains

SwetSauna is the cream on top of standard membership fees. 

You’ll earn dollars from every single booking. That’s unlimited, incremental revenue from existing members, plus and the opportunity to attract new clients for casual sessions.

A lucrative revenue share partnership model splits earnings between your business and Swet Sessions PTY LTD, and ensures you’ll make money from the very first session. 

how much could you earn?

what's the damage?

Install this high-tech piece of equipment for a teeny tiny set-up fee of $999. No kidding... that’s all you’ll have to pay. We’re a ‘burger with the lot’ kind of business, so when you set up a SwetSauna, you’ll also get all the ‘extras’ that go with it:

  • Unlimited access to backend sauna management system
  • Digital app booking and payment platform
  • Contactless smart lock system
  • Targeted advertising through the SwetSessions app

Convinced yet? C’mon, what have you got to lose?

Let's get a sweat on

install one today.
thank us later.

This high-tech set-up can be integrated into any office, hotel, sports club, or business interested in sports recovery services. Our expert team work with you to create a tailored solution that boosts the benefits for your business and your clients.

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