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How much space does a Solace Sauna take up?
How much power does a Solace Sauna need to run?
How much will Solace Sessions make for my business?
How does the Solace Sauna get cleaned after use?
How does an infrared sauna work?
What benefits do infrared lightwaves have?
Q. How is the sauna automatically unlocked for clients?
Q. How can I manage the sauna operation?
What are the user benefits of a Solace Sauna?
Is a Solace Sauna good for my skin? 
Is a Solace Sauna relaxing? 
How does Solace Sauna help muscles recover faster? 
Why is a Solace Sauna recommended after a workout? 
What makes a Solace Sauna different from a traditional sauna? 
Can a Solace Sauna help with weight loss?
Is a Solace Sauna safe to use? 
Is it safe to bring a phone or iPad into the Solace Sauna? 
How often should someone use a Solace Sauna for optimal benefits? 
How does the Solace Sessions App work? 
What do users need to take for a Solace Sessions?

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